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The Final Seven coverThe Final Seven

When will the Tribulation begin?

Are You Ready for The Final Seven?

Dr. Patricia Green was shown spiritual visions of future events to precede and encompass the final seven years of tribulation. She describes a nuclear world war, a clandestine meeting of world leaders, and many other catastrophic events that will change the landscape of America. Dr. Patricia expertly conveys scriptural evidence to confirm these revelations and to prepare people for the perilous times ahead. The Final Seven

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Heaven or Hell coverHeaven or Hell…Your Choice

Unveiling Divine Revelations

Is heaven a real place? Is hell a real place? Where are heaven and hell located and what are they really like?

People are willing to believe that heaven is genuine, but have a difficult time reconciling that hell exists. Evangelist and Prophet, Dr. Patricia L. Green was given spiritual visions to proclaim the certainty of God’s Word about heaven and hell. Describing the horrors she saw in hell and the glorious beauty she saw in heaven, she expertly blends rich biblical teachings imparted to her by the Holy Spirit. It is a master piece of God’s truth designed to edify, instruct, impart wisdom and confront the reader with a decision. Heaven or Hell…Your Choice!

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Heaven or Hell…Your Choice (video book trailer)


I AM the God that Reveals coverI AM the God that Reveals

Unveiling of Revelation

Have you ever read the book of Revelation and came away with more confusion than insight?

Has apprehension of end time events instilled such fear within you that you refuse to read the book of Revelation?

If you answered yes to either question, then you are not alone. Dr. Patricia L. Green expounds upon the book of Revelation through the illumination of the Holy Spirit that makes these events understandable and undeniable. She was given spiritual visions, great understanding, and messages from the Lord Jesus Christ to relay to His people. This unique and dynamic book is like no other on Revelation and the author describes in detail the visions she was given.

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The Seven Spirits of Yahweh coverThe Seven Spirits of Yahweh

Dr. Patricia Green gives biblical proof that Yahweh has Seven Spirits full of supernatural power that He desires to impart. Patricia describes each of His Spirits and recounts dreams, visions, and stories, revealing how the Seven Spirits of Yahweh operate.

Do you desire more spiritual power to proclaim His truth with mighty signs, wonders, and miracles? Do you need a miracle in your life?

Then you need an impartation of The Seven Spirits of Yahweh included in this book.

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Soak In My Love My Bride coverSoak In My Love My Bride

During her quest to draw closer to Yahweh and Yahshua, Patricia Green received a revelation from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit showed her seven ways in which God’s children can soak in His love. From that revelation, Patricia understood that the bride of Christ needs to prepare for her Bridegroom, as His imminent return is coming swiftly. Those who are wise and have set extra oil in their lamps will be ready when the trumpet sounds and Yahshua appears in the sky. Now is the time for the bride of Christ to soak in His love by becoming intimate with her Bridegroom.

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