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Rev Porters 1964 Tsunami(CLICK HERE)

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Rev. Porter’s 1964 Vision partially transcribed from minute 21:45 to 27:56 .
There in the church in Cleveland at the altar I got terribly dismayed amazed and afraid and I cried out, “Oh God what means this?” But I am so afraid and amazed and troubled and burdened and pained in my heart. And when I cried out everything about me changed. And it was if I was way off somewhere in space and I was looking down at the Atlantic Ocean And I saw a planetoid. How many know what I mean when I say planetoid? An earthly body, a satellite, 200 miles across, coming through the air like a great burning rocket. And I was so amazed I screamed, “Oh God, don’t let it strike the seas.” And the picture changed and I saw that great burning mass 200 miles across it. That is almost as big as the state of Ohio, isn’t it? In the seas, boiling and surging and boiling with unquenchable fire. And as I looked at it again I screamed, “Oh My God what meaneth this?” And again I was back in space and looked at the results of that terrible thing striking in the seas. And can you imagine what a tidal wave that thing made when it landed in the sea? I saw the waves of the Atlantic Ocean rise up and up and up mile after mile after mile and I heard a voice cry, “Six miles high!” And I cried, “Oh God what can a mortal do? And I saw that terrible tidal wave strike our Atlantic Coast. I saw the skyscrapers of New York City swept away like so many match boxes and toys; over and over and over. And I saw the tidal wave strike in Washington DC and the Washington Monument swept away like a tooth pick. I saw that thing go into our Eastern Coast between 30 and 40 miles inland. And I saw men and women, like ants by the tens of thousands being swept in the gigantic tide, swept in and out. I gazed at the western shore of Europe and it was similarly decimated and all the lowlands could raise as if they had never been. During that time I was back in the church rolling on the floor and crying my heart out, “Oh God, Oh God, what can a mortal be and why would I have such a vision? And why should I be responsible to see such a trial? Hundreds of thousands swept into the sea by the back wash of that mighty gigantic avalanche of water. The whole eastern coast decimated. And when that tidal wave receded and swept back into the oceans, back into the Atlantic, it came to this great fiery mass and when it hit that fiery mass and plunged over the top of it, steam and smog and fog arose to the heavens in an indescribable manner; until a third of the heavens were dark, as black as night. A third of the water at the North Pole melted by the intense heat. And I heard the voice say, “Son of man, that which I have declared I shall bring to pass. And that which I have purposed shall be done.” For four months I carried a burden in my heart as though my heart were about to break.